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Parish Nurse Ministry
at Peace Lutheran Church

The Parish Nurse works to be a dynamic witness for God in our parish. The goal of the Parish Nurse is to collaborate with staff and the congregation to transform the faith community with sources of health and healing through partnership with other community health resources, and foster new and creative responses to health and wellness concerns.


Other roles of the Parish Nurse include:

The Parish Nurse Ministry becomes a concrete way in which to live out the call to preach, teach, and heal.

Health Ministry Team

The purpose of the this team is to be caring Disciples of Christ who offer a tangible and loving response to friends in a time of need or crisis. We are the conduit that connects the ministering staff with the prayer needs with the personal concerns of the congregation. Members of this group send cards, write notes, deliver prayer shawls, make phone calls, take Communion to the homebound and visit people in the congregation.

  • Integrator of faith and health

  • Advocate

  • Referral agent

  • Pastoral Care visits

  • Facilitator

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