The processional cross celebrates Christ the King in our church and in our lives.


At Peace Church we utilize Evangelical Lutheran Worship for the worship life of our community. This resource has a number of musical settings of the service, hymns, psalms and other services, such as baptism, weddings, burial of the dead and other life passages. We utilize the resources to provide character to the different seasons of the church year. The worship service is always printed in a booklet so that it is very easy for our many guests to worship at Peace Church. Our facility enhances the worship of the congregation with the Bible stories that are told in the windows, baptistery, and processional cross, vestments, altar and chancel furniture. 

At Peace Church music leads the community in worship. Ric Jaeggi, Director of Music/ Organist and Choir Director utilizes his love of classical organ music and choral repertoire as they communicate the biblical themes of the day’s celebration. We are blessed with the dynamic and colorful way that Ric leads the singing of the hymns and liturgy. Hymns are selected that reinforce the message of the day. He will also play works in preparation for and following worship from the great organ pieces of the church as well as music more recently composed. Music is alive and joy-filled at Peace Church!

Worship at Peace Church is centered around the baptistery with its flowing water, the table for the Lord’s Supper and the pulpit from which the Bible is read and Gospel proclaimed. Pr. Walter provides a sense of hospitality and Christ’s presence as he presides at baptisms, Holy Communion, and preaches the Word of God. Holy Communion is celebrated at all the Sunday services. There are many roles in worship for the assistance of the laity—greeters, ushers, crucifer, acolytes, communion assistants and lectors. We offer training for those involved with worship that everyone may enjoy their leadership.

The hospitality of the congregation continues as everyone is invited to a coffee hour so that there is fellowship in Christ. As we leave the sanctuary we enter the world equipped as disciples of Jesus Christ with fresh insights because we have worshipped at Peace Lutheran Church!









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