God welcomes a new disciple in the waters of baptism. 


After parking your car, you will see people walking toward the front doors of the church. Many will stop at a board for their nametag—it will list their name and hometown. Folks at the door will welcome you to Peace Church and invite you to use a nametag to write your name and hometown. Don’t be surprised if someone knows someone from your town—we’re all related in God’s world!

The ushers will give you a worship bulletin that contains the hymns, Bible readings and liturgy. Our service is very easy to follow!

Inside the sanctuary you will notice the baptistery. The water in the font is always flowing as a reminder of God’s ongoing work in our lives. Some people touch the water and trace the sign of the cross as a reminder of their Baptism. You will also see the large stained glass window in the front. It is designed to tell the story of how God is working out salvation with all of us in this community of faith. 

Just before the service begins, Pr. Walter will welcome everyone and highlight a few events. You are welcome to all of our events! Guests will be invited to stand and will be welcomed with applause. The organist will play a voluntary which allows one to prepare for worship. The liturgy will begin as the congregation stands and turns to face the baptistery for confession and forgiveness. God washes away our sin and reminding us of his love for us!

The first part of the liturgy centers on the Word of God in the readings from the Bible, the sermon and prayers. Liturgy means the “work of the people.” Using that word reminds us that we are co-workers, not just watchers, with God.  There will be a place in the prayers to offer to God the names of anyone for whom you are praying.  The second part of the service centers on the Meal or Holy Communion. All of God’s children are invited to commune with Christ.

Following the sending hymn at the 9:30 liturgy, there is fellowship time at which coffee, ice tea or lemonade, dessert and fruit are served. During January-April the fellowship is held outside on the lanai. We hope that you can stay for the “coffee hour.”

We hope that you will be able to worship at Peace Church next Sunday, join a small group, and want to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We hope you have been blessed by Christ in worship and that you will be a blessing to others!




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