This window in the front of the worship space at Peace tells how God is blessing our area with salvation. Christ as the “Son” shines over the beautiful flora and fauna of Ft Myers and Sanibel. The window is called “The Presence.


In an area known for brilliant sunsets and beautiful beaches . . . God has planted Peace Lutheran Church to equip disciples of Jesus Christ for ministry and mission. The people of this community who come with gifts and life experiences serve as a bountiful resource from which God has built a strong and vital church. I hope that this website will allow you to come to know some of the blessed dimensions of the ministry and mission of our congregation.

We invite all people to gather with our community in the waters of baptism, in the Word as preached, and around the table to share bread and wine that Christ may be present in our lives. To strengthen our community we have many small groups at which there is Bible study, prayer, fellowship and service. The people in the small groups have done some wonderful things to bless others.

Peace Lutheran Church has a strong partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Florida Bahamas Synod. As a new congregation we were created through a partnership in Christ with the ELCA and Synod. We want to be strong partners with our sisters and brothers in Christ as we boldly walk with Christ to make new disciples and plant new congregations. It is exciting to discover the path on which God is leading us in growing our ministry and mission through the talented and dedicated leaders, staff and members of the congregation. I hope that you can join us in walking with God.

I look forward meeting you when you gather with us at Peace Lutheran Church, Fort Myers, Florida.

God bless you!
Pr. Walter


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