God blesses Peace with many people from all over the world that live in Ft. Myers year-round, seasonally, or for vacation. This photo from high season shows over 400 people at the worship service. In the summer 75-100 people gather for worship. We are always blessed by those that God Calls to worship at Peace


There are several times a year when there is an opportunity for those interested in learning more about the church to gather with the staff, leaders and others from the congregation to discuss our ministry.

At Peace Church there are two ways to become a member of the congregation:

Voting Member—this means that Peace is your “home church” and allows you to
    serve on the Leadership Council and all committees.
  Voting members may live in
    the area year-round or for a few months or weeks.

Seasonal Member with Vote—this means you are a voting member of Peace and a
    voting member at your other seasonal church. The votes you participate in cannot
    be duplicated at your member churches.

Winter/Associate Members—this means that you are a member of another church
    but you wish to associate yourself with
Peace Lutheran Church.  We welcome
    folks from all denominations to be associate members of our congregation.

Please contact the church office to indicate that you wish to join Peace! peace@peaceftmyers.com


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