Martin Luther


Who is Martin Luther?

Martin Luther was born in Germany in 1483 and was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. Desiring to earn God’s favor, he became a monk that he would have to work diligently on religious matters. In the end he was blessed to learn from the Bible that God loves us first because of what Jesus has done for all people. Luther felt freedom from the chains of medieval church teachings and practices. He wanted to reform the Catholic Church, but when the Pope excommunicated him, others joined with him in forming the “evangelical”—gospel loving—church. Some began to use his name to identify their group as “Lutherans.” Today as Lutherans, we appreciate how Luther directed us to Christ, whom we worship.

Is Peace a new congregation?

Yes, Peace was chartered on January 19, 2003 as a new congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It has been an exciting and faith-building walk with God planting a new congregation! It is exciting to see the many new things God is doing at Peace.

What kind of activities do you have for seniors?

There are many opportunities that provide a place to make new friends, to learn more about the Bible and to serve in the congregation and community. We call these gatherings “Small Groups.”

What kind of activities do you have for youth and families?

Our church welcomes everyone at worship. We are blessed with several families who have small children. We often have folks with visiting grandchildren. We provide welcome bags for children with soft toys and bulletins that help the children learn about the Bible lessons of the day. There is a nursery for young children for newborns through age four.

Other ministries include a summer day camp and a Bible study group called “Young Adults Connecting (YAC). Pastor works with families for First Communion instruction and Confirmation. We also offer youth events with other Lutheran churches .”

How do I sign up for activities at Peace?

Every week in the worship folder is a “Welcome Sheet” that is used to provide your name and address and to sign up for upcoming events. You also may call the church office.

How do I get involved with Peace?

Please speak with the Pastor, a staff member or call the church office. We will help you find a way to become connected with the Lord and others at Peace Lutheran Church.

Still have questions?

Contact us at 239.437.2599 and we’ll be happy to help!


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